University of Calgary

New Government of Alberta policy on expense disclosure

UToday HomeSeptember 7, 2012

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, the Government of Alberta announced a robust expense disclosure policy that broadens the scope of reporting, increases oversight and provides greater detail than any other province in Canada.

“The University of Calgary welcomes the Government of Alberta’s new policy on expense disclosure, and will fully comply with it,” says President Elizabeth Cannon. “The university will examine the policy in detail and determine a timeline for full compliance as quickly as possible.”

The government’s new disclosure requirements will provide greater detail on travel, accommodation, meals, and hospitality expenses. The expense disclosure policy will be in place on a go-forward basis Oct. 1.

This new policy is consistent with the university’s ongoing efforts to improve transparency, governance and financial controls. In addition to fully complying with government policy, the University of Calgary is currently developing a more rigorous internal process for approving executive and board expenses within the portfolio of the vice-president (finance and services).