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September 22, 2009

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U of C iGEM team wins provincial competition
Students working twice as hard to make U of C stand out at the international competition.

Fine arts, native communities lose a giant
Artist, writer, aboriginal advocate and alumna Joane Cardinal-Schubert, BFA’77, LLD’03, passed away recently.

LA architect kick-offs Design Matters
Thom Mayne to present the inaugural lecture at the Sept. 25 EVDS lecture series.


The Calgary Herald
Sept. 15
Calgary-Glenmore votes gives upstart Alliance legitimacy

Monday’s byelection result in Calgary-Glenmore highlighted what’s potentially the new X-factor in provincial politics, one that could have profound effects on the major parties: the emergence of the Wildrose Alliance.

“They (Conservatives) have to be very nervous,” said David Taras, political analyst at the University of Calgary.

The Globe & Mail
Sept. 16
Afghan mission becoming impossible task

Canada’s Afghanistan mission is falling short of its goals as violence and instability continue to worsen in Kandahar and across the country. Critics and military experts are questioning whether those goals can possibly be met by the time Canada ends its military commitment in 2011—and whether they were realistic to begin with.

These scaled-back expectations make sense, said David Bercuson, director of the University of Calgary’s Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, and Canada was foolish not to keep its ambitions more modest years ago when its Kandahar commitment began in earnest. “We never had the troops to cover the entire province. I understand people believed we did, but that was clearly a miscalculation.”

The Epoch Times
Sept. 20
Alberta solar home bound for Washington DC, Olympics

A solar home built by a team from four Calgary post-secondary schools will be showcased in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Games.

But first the home, called SolaBode, will head to the Solar Decathlon in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 22, where it will compete against entries by 20 teams from all over the world.


> Science Cafe: The Oil Sands: Can We Live Without Them?

Sept. 23
> Markin USRP in Health & Wellness Student Research Symposium
> Arctic Institute Speaker Series: Six-foot Tall Beavers and Three-toed Horses: What the past tells us about the future of Arctic climate change

Sept. 24
> UTI Speaker Series: Innovative Research, Global Benefits

Sept. 25
> Demography and Destiny: Population Change and Canadian Politics, Past and Future
> Design Matters: Thom Mayne
> UC Idol 2009

Sept. 25 & 26
> Program of Dance Professional Series: The Power of One, Plus One, Plus…

Sept. 28
> Thinking About a Hip or Knee Replacement? Register by Sept. 23.
> Building A Sustainable Future

Oct. 1
> Canada and International Human Rights: Still a Leader?

Oct. 6
> Peter Craigie Memorial Lecture: Voters as Priests – The Lutheran Paradox

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