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September 17, 2009

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Make a positive impact, and act NOW
University of Calgary’s day of action event gaining traction throughout the community.

Q&A with MaPS President
Don Barker, MaPS president, sits down with UToday to talk about MaPS' involvement with the iS² Project.

Q&A with new Faculty of Education Dean
Dennis Sumara started his teaching career in Taber; now he's heading up U of C's education faculty.

Olympic Connection

Who calls the shots over Olympic skies?
NORAD’s role in Vancouver 2010 renews debate over bi-national defence arrangement


> The Nickle at Noon: Pietro Annigoni, Dissenter in a Dark Age of Painting
> The Federal Deficit: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t
> Trees, Poets and Wrestlers: Markin-Flanagan writers-in-residence read from their memoirs

Sept. 22
> Science Cafe: The Oil Sands: Can We Live Without Them?

Sept. 23
> Markin USRP in Health & Wellness Student Research Symposium
> Arctic Institute Speaker Series: Six-foot Tall Beavers and Three-toed Horses: What the past tells us about the future of Arctic climate change

Sept. 24
> UTI Speaker Series: Innovative Research, Global Benefits

Sept. 25
> UC Idol 2009

Sept. 25 & 26
> Program of Dance Professional Series: The Power of One, Plus One, Plus…

Sept. 28
> Thinking About a Hip or Knee Replacement? Register by Sept. 23.

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