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September 10, 2009

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Q&A with Rick Mogensen
Rick Mogensen, controller, Financial Services sits down with UToday to talk about the iS² activities under his leadership in the Finances workstream.

Don't miss KICKOFF 09, Sept. 11 & 12
This annual two-day event kicks off with the Red Friday Rally on Sept. 11 at noon on the lawn between the Prairie Chicken and Science A—come out and show your Dinos pride.

U of C finalists in ASTech awards
This year’s nod to the U of C by ASTech’s prestigious awards for science and technology in Alberta.

Creating an image for the science world
Science profs and students volunteer for non-profit organization.

Good Vibrations
PhD candidate researches the relationship between vibration and bone density.

Dinos in Action

Dinos, Bears meet in Kickoff IV
The Battle of Alberta takes centre stage at the U of C’s annual KICKOFF event Saturday afternoon at McMahon Stadium.

Soccer seasons open
The Dinos now know what is needed to take the next step towards success in a very solid conference.


Sept. 10
> Research Project Management – Your Career in Gear
> SolAbode Send-off

Sept. 10
> New Staff Orientation

Sept. 11
> Kickoff 09: Red Friday Rally

Sept. 12
> Kickoff 09: Tailgate Party and Dinos Game

Sept. 16
> The Spaces in Between: Making Room for Learning Amongst all the Teaching in Post-Secondary Science Education

Sept. 17
> Trees, poets and wrestlers: Markin-Flanagan writers-in-residence read from their memoirs

Sept. 25 & 26
> Program of Dance Professional Series: Why Dance? Two The power of one, plus one, plus…

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