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October 23, 2009

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New scholarships launched
At its annual Open House for prospective students Saturday, the University of Calgary will launch a new renewable entrance scholarship program which will automatically reward students with top marks.

Dinos on road to Vanier Cup
Ranked third in the country, the University of Calgary Dinos football team is looking for a 12th straight victory at home on Saturday at McMahon stadium. Playoffs are just around the corner.

Bacteria: Bane, boon or both?
This month, Science Café speakers Rebekah DeVinney and Anthony Schryvers will explore the good and bad sides of bacteria.

Campus Connection

Systems upgrade
An upgrade of the university’s Oracle (PeopleSoft) software will disrupt access to the student administration and human capital management systems for four days beginning Oct. 29.


> WRC Awards Presentation Ceremony
> Animals Make Us Human
> Scholarship and Learning in an Open Access Knowledge Environment
> Girl Child Empowerment as a Model for Transformation

Oct. 24
> Open House: For Prospective Students and Families
> RAO: Counting Stars and Exploring the South Skies

Oct. 25
> Albertine, in Five Times (also Oct. 28-31)

Oct. 26
> Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events
> A Short History of Recent Health Care Disasters and Lessons We Have Yet to Learn

Oct. 27
> Science Café: Bacteria: Bane, Boon or Both?
> CJSW presents David Barsamian
> Darwin Lecture Series: "God knows what the public will think": Darwin’s Origin of Species and the Question of Religion

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