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October 19, 2009

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Discovery may revolutionize fuel cells
University of Calgary chemists have discovered a recipe to design a better type of fuel cell that can operate more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Celebrating women at U of C
A leader in the non-profit community and a fine arts student are honoured as outstanding U of C women by the Women’s Resource Centre.

Law professor tackles property rights
The contentious issue of whether oil, gas, water and fisheries should be private or public property is the topic of a talk Tuesday by New Zealand energy law expert Barry Barton.

Science students share their field work
About 100 students in the Faculty of Science took part this summer and fall in a variety of field work studies, investigating topics such as thresher sharks in California, forest disturbances in the Yukon and pollination in South Africa.

Dinos in Action

Men’s volleyball team wins Dino cup
The highlight of a busy weekend in hockey, soccer, field hockey and volleyball was a 3-0 win over the UCLA Bruins by the men’s volleyball team to win the Husky Dino Cup. Read the full weekend game wrap.


> Fine Art Print Sale Runs until Oct. 21. Original works for $25.
> Sea Kayaking – Marine and Intertidal Life
> Crawling From The Wreckage, a talk by Gwynne Dyer

Oct. 20
> Statutory Rights to Oil and Gas, Water, Fisheries: Are They Private Porperty?
> Impact of Political Violence on Israeli & Palestinian Youth
> Celebration: Opening of International House
> Dept. of Drama: Albertine, in Five Times (runs Oct. 20-25 & 28-31)

Oct. 21
> UTI Speaker Series: Launching Your Idea Into the Marketplace RSVP required.
> What Americans Really Want…Really
> AINA Talk: Climate Change, Parasites and Arctic Ecosystems: Why Should We Care?
> Big Rock Lecture Series: Plugging into the Sun

Oct. 26
> A Short History of Recent Health Care Disasters and Lessons We Have Yet to Learn

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