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UToday HomeOctober 13, 2011

Dianne Gereluk and her team will climb the stairs of the Education Tower to raise money for the United Way.  Photo by Riley BrandtDianne Gereluk and her team will climb the stairs of the Education Tower to raise money for the United Way. Photo by Riley BrandtWalk the stairwell in the Education Tower on any given day this month, and you might run into Dianne Gereluk. She’ll probably look a little tired and sweaty and red in the face—but she’ll look pretty good too, dressed in her flowing cape.

Gereluk, an associate professor in the education faculty, has recruited four other women to join her as they take on the 2011 University of Calgary United Way Stair Climb Challenge—and they’ve begun to practice for the challenge that awaits them.

The team, along with leader Gereluk, is comprised of four additional enthusiastic women from the faculty, and includes two first year undergraduate students, a PhD candidate, and an administrator in the graduate programs office.

“All it took was a simple reach out to various individuals, asking them to join the cause and giving them the chance see a professor sweat. It’s also an opportunity to come to know each other better through this challenge—that’s all that was necessary to get students and staff rallied together,” explains Gereluk.

“The only requirement that I had is that we all have to dress up during the competition week, starting on Nov. 14, wearing things like hats, tiaras, and capes. This is not all hard work and no play.”

Gereluk says all of the people on the team are committed to the cause of the United Way and its aim to ensure that all of members of the Calgary community have a quality of living that ensures a sense of wellbeing and dignity. “It was clear that all of these young women understand and recognize that Education should be a leader and a strong supporter of the United Way.”

And Gereluk’s as-yet-unnamed team has thrown out a challenge to others:

“We challenge other teams to join us by adding your own element of fun, whether that be dressing up or getting your colleagues to sponsor a floor with incentives for the stair climbers—you know, things like food, drinks,
mini games, defibrillators,” she says, laughing.

Get more information about the United Way Stair Climb Challenge.

Your support is helping build a great city for everyone. Together, we have raised over $102,000 towards our goal of $225,000. The United Way campaign runs until Nov. 30.