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PowerOFF heats up

UToday HomeNovember 29, 2012

The Olympic Oval is the early leader in the campus-wide PowerOFF Challenge. Photo by Riley BrandtThe Olympic Oval is the early leader in the campus-wide PowerOFF Challenge. Photo by Riley BrandtAs the mercury drops, competition is heating up indoors with last week’s launch of the PowerOFF Challenge. Starting Nov. 19, the battle commenced between buildings to reduce energy use and raise money for the United Way.

Taking the lead at the end of the first week is the Olympic Oval with a 17 per cent reduction from the baseline. Not far behind is the Health Research Innovation Centre with a 16 per cent reduction, and the Physical Plant with a 14 per cent reduction. These three buildings alone have achieved a combined savings of more than 74,000 kilowatt hours.

In residence, Kananaskis Hall and Global Village/Hotel Alma have also achieved notable reductions of 12 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively.

SustainabilityON Co-ordinators and members of the Sustainability Street Team have been working hard to promote the PowerOFF challenge amongst their colleagues and peers.

Sustainability Street Team volunteer Maged Own was happy to help out at the ‘PowerOFF for Prizes’ event was held in Science Theatres last week. The event featured an energy trivia game with a daily winner taking home an energy prize pack which included LED light bulbs and candles, compact fluorescent light bulbs, power bars and more.

“I think that students can raise awareness and make the challenge more competitive,” said Own, who found that most students were interested in learning more about the PowerOFF Challenge.

The PowerOFF Challenge will run until Dec. 10. Help your building win by shutting off equipment, turning off lights and adjusting your computer settings. Talk to your local SustainabilityON Co-ordinator to learn more about saving energy.

Click here to view full results of the challenge.

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