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November 18, 2009

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DVD sheds new light on ancient Egypt
A new documentary DVD series featuring the research of Carmen Boulter, a professor in the graduate division of educational research, suggests that the ancient Egyptians may have been more advanced than present-day society.

Student research celebrated
Undergraduate students at the University of Calgary will showcase their research on Thursday at the fourth annual Undergraduate Research Symposium sponsored by the Students’ Union.

Schulich prof shares teaching ideas
Schulich professor Bill Rosehart is the only expert from a Canadian university presenting to an engineering education summit in the United States.

Balancing work, life and health
A photographer and digital imaging specialist for Libraries and Cultural Resources, Dave Brown is a winning masters-level sprinter now training for the World Masters Indoors Track and Field Championship.


Until Nov. 29
> Cut the Carbs Buildings Challenge

> VideoConference: Indigenous People in the Western Hemisphere
> EVDS BrownBag Discussion: Integrated Design
> Emeritus Association: An Account of the Filming of a Visit of a Group of Calgary School Children to an Orphange in Kenya
> Aerosol Sulfate: A Missing Link in Climate Change?

Nov. 19
> Deadline to register for Book Launch: Golden Threads: Women Creating Community
> 10 a.m. U of C Senate Hosts Citizenship Ceremony. Alberta Room, Dining Centre. Join in welcoming new Canadians.
> Undergraduate Research Symposium
> Sigma Xi Seminar: Designing Next Generation Drugs in Big Pharma
> Climate Change Policy: An Exercise in Evolution
> School of Public Policy: U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities Under President Obama and U.S.-Canada Cooperation
> The Liberal Regime and its Discontents: The Compound Crises Facing Contemporary Liberal Democracies
> EVDS Design Matters: Do I Look Like I Have a Plan?
> ISEEE Distinguished Speaker: A Practical Roadmap for America

Nov. 20
> Workplace Recess Seminar:
Trust Yourself to Play Full Out (Register by Nov. 19)
> Opening Reception: Faculty Exhibition 2009

Nov. 21
> Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Open House: Mystery of the Northern Lights

Nov. 24
> United Way Wrap-up: “Turn up the Heat on Humanity”
> Science Café: Exploding Stars, Dark Energy and Other Cosmic Mysteries
> the mob by Clem Martini opening night

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