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May 26, 2009

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Future of the arts and social sciences
The General Faculties Council has voted in favour of the proposed recommendation to unify the faculties of communication and culture, fine arts, humanities and social sciences.

Students earn degrees in Rollercoasterology
About 2,000 students ride a roller-coaster 17 times in name
of science.

GSA honours top professors and teaching assistants
The awards are designed to recognize outstanding faculty members for excellence in teaching at the graduate level as well as excellence in supervising graduate students.

Alumna Emily Westell to perform at Contrasts Chamber Music Festival
No stranger to the stage, Westell is one of the many renowned names in music coming to the U of C.

Bike Library open for business
Borrow a bike and ride during Commuter Challenge at U of C next week.

U of C teams up to aid impoverished Southern Sudan
Samaritan’s Purse Canada, the U of C, and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) are teaming up to provide desperately needed medical facilities and training in impoverished Southern Sudan.

Cutting down on phone books
As part of the university’s sustainability initiative, the university will be reducing the number of phones books on campus by nearly 90 percent.


Preparing for an honourable profession
The Calgary Herald
May 18
The establishment of a first-class academic centre on the University of Calgary campus, the School of Public Policy, is a tremendous accolade for the university and the city, and a boon to the country. That it is also the direct result of a prominent Calgarian's advocacy is further reason for Calgarians in particular to celebrate it. In Canada, it fills a need long neglected.

Time to right some wrongs
The Globe and Mail
May 19
For the first time in a long time, human-rights commissions are on the defensive. The Harper government is taking away pay equity from the Canadian commission and University of Windsor law professor Richard Moon's report has recommended repeal of the commission's right to interfere with free speech.
(An op-ed piece by political science professor Tom Flanagan.)

Mulroney sadly mimics Clinton
The Calgary Herald
May 20
One can only be disheartened, if not disgusted, by the human impulse to prevaricate and deceive in an era when there is so much lip service paid to integrity. Especially when it is shamelessly modelled by our public figures.
(An op-ed piece by law professor Peter Bowal.)

Honoring Arthur Erickson, 1924-2009
Global National
May 21
The University of Calgary houses one of the largest archives of the Erickson's early work. Graham Livesey says the architect paved the way for Canada's future designers in a way no one ever thought possible.

“Erickson did become a kind of larger than life cultural figure, which I think is somewhat difficult for an architect to achieve, more difficult than say a painter or a filmmaker or a writer,” Livesey said.
(Graham Livesey is an associate professor of architecture in the Faculty of Environmental Design.)


> President's Reception for Long-Service Employees and Retirees
> Science Cafe: Black Holes: Cosmic Menance or Simply Misunderstood?

June 3
> Summer Opera Workshop auditions

June 6
> Campus Fair

June 8-12
> Spring Convocation

June 13
> Runners’ Edge—Calgary’s Running Expo (Space limited; buy tix early)