University of Calgary

May 16, 2013


Balanced budget proposed for 2013-2014
Town Hall previews draft budget in advance of May 23 Board review.

Faculty of Arts Distinguished Research Awards: From primatology to Betty and Veronica
Breadth of research in spotlight as faculty celebrates outstanding work.

Campus Connection

Common Reading Program selection announced: No Impact Man
Colin Beavan’s book chronicles one family’s year of making zero environmental impact.


May 15/Metro Calgary
University of Calgary cutting hundreds of student positions
Elizabeth Cannon, President
Dru Marshall, Provost
Jake Gebert, Vice-President
Conner Brown, Students’ Union

May 15/New York Times
When athletic shoes cause injury
John Wannop, Faculty of Kinesiology

May 14/CBC
Cancer gene and Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy Watch Video
Francois Bernier, Faculty of Medicine

May 8/Guyana Times
Guyana diabetic foot care project wins research award
Kishan Narine, Faculty of Medicine