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May 14, 2009

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Gala launches School of Public Policy
Condoleezza Rice wishes school well “in this great endeavour”..

Appointment of the Dean, Faculty of Nursing
Dianne Tapp has been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and will begin a five-year term on July 1, 2009.

U of C names nine honorary degree recipients
National Chief Phil Fontaine and five-time Olympic medalist Johann Olav Koss are two of seven recipients to be honoured at spring convocation.

Become a host family/friend for an international student
A new program focused on friendship with international students, rather than accommodating them, is looking for interested families.

Alberta technology travels to space
U of L and U of C equipment launched May 14.

Police seek expertise from Latin American Studies professor
As part of their annual cultural awareness training, CPS learned from Denise Brown who is an expert in Latin American culture.

UCQ happenings

Transcultural nurse leaves UCQ students inspired
Rose Khalifa, has bridged the gap between Arab and American culture as it relates to nursing and UCQ students got to hear her speak as part of International Nurses Day.

Face-to-face: UCQ student meets U of C
UCQ student makes first trip overseas as a representative on the first-ever Joint Oversight Board meeting in Canada.


Postcard from Washington, DC
Philosophy major Brice Coates spent the last three months as an intern at the distinguished Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Here is his postcard home.


12 p.m. Openings for Peace in News Narratives of War
2 p.m. Spring Convocation

May 15
Educating for Convergence:
A New Model

May 19
Canada's Science Technology and Innovation System: State of the Nation (Register now)

May 20
> Super Foods at Work: Targeting Headaches

May 21
> The Neurobiology of Song and Spatial Learning in Birds—and Why it Matters to Us

June 3
> Summer Opera Workshop auditions