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UCQ lauded for sharing teaching and learning expertise

UToday HomeMay 10, 2013

Presenters and organizers who took part in the University of Calgary – Qatar’s first Teaching and Learning Conference.Presenters and organizers who took part in the University of Calgary – Qatar’s first Teaching and Learning Conference. Photos by John GulkaMore than 100 educators and healthcare professionals attended the University of Calgary – Qatar’s first Teaching and Learning Conference.

Along with UCQ faculty and instructors, 28 representatives of Hamad Medical Corporation, Sidra, Qatar University and College of the North Atlantic participated. The event was intended to bring together UCQ faculty and instructors to both showcase the innovative teaching methods and learning strategies used in all UCQ programs, and to allow faculty and instructors to share their strategies.

“Excellent in terms of sharing, excellent in terms of collaboration and excellent in terms of learning,” is how John Kelley, manager of clinical education for Children’s Services at Sidra, described his experience.

Cheri Macleod, teaching specialist in Learning Technologies at College of the North Atlantic, called the conference a great initiative. “Today is the result of research that the faculty has been doing over the course of the year. It’s a good thing for people to do, that reflective practice of their research, and then to have an event where they get a chance to showcase what they learned. It’s wonderful for them and it’s wonderful for the rest of the community because I’ve learned quite a bit today.”

Twenty-seven presenters delivered 16 topics ranging from Classroom Lectures Capture Technology to Analysis of Students’ Approaches to Information Seeking.

“Creating better learning conditions is the key to student success,” say Brad Johnson and Ken Ryba, conference organizers at the University of Calgary – Qatar.  “In keeping with leading universities around the world, UCQ faculty are making concerted efforts to improve teaching through the use of active learning methods and incorporating inquiry and research into the classroom,” states Ryba.

Instructor John Botting gives a presentation entitled “Classroom Lecture Capture Technology.”Instructor John Botting gives a presentation entitled “Classroom Lecture Capture Technology.”Johnson adds, “UCQ prides itself on making a shift to what is called ‘situated learning’ in which students are provided with highly realistic, engaging learning experiences. Using situated learning, instructors and students work more closely together, using real-life contexts of nursing to construct their knowledge and understanding. A key feature of this approach is that students gain confidence and a sense of being effective through working more closely with other students and instructors. Theories and research can be put into practice so that the learning events are meaningful and motivating for the student. The aim is create capable learners who have practical skills as well as academic knowledge.”

Hissa Al Aali, associate director of the UCQ nursing project, in an address to open the conference stated, “Sharing this real-life research with other educational institutions is very important for serving the Qatar community. This is all about enhancing the learning experience of all students. Human Development is a key pillar of the State of Qatar’s 2030 Vision. It’s all about educating people, enlightening them to become leaders now and in the future.”


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