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French Centre accredited for international proficiency diplomas

UToday HomeMay 10, 2013

By Veronica Allen

As of September 2012, the French Centre at the university has become a fully credited and operational DELF/DALF French Language proficiency diploma centre.

The DELF (diplôme d’étude en langue française) and DALF (diplôme approfondi en langue française) language proficiency diploma is awarded by France’s Ministry of Education to successful candidates, is recognized internationally, and is valid for life. This diploma certifies a person’s French language skill on the six-level international scale (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) of the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages. The diploma opens opportunities to persons who wish to study in French-speaking universities (B2 level), work in Francophone environments, or to enhance their resume.

The university’s DELF/DALF Centre co-ordinator, Odile Rollin, says, “The DELF/DALF diploma is a lifelong asset. Those interested can meet with me to determine the best level to take.”

This year the DELF/DALF Centre offers three levels:

  • A2 (Basic) on June 6, 2013: $90 for full-time students
  • B2 ( Intermediate) on June 5, 2013: $160 for full-time students
  • C2 (proficient) on June 3, 2013: $180 for full-time students.

“In each level, four language competencies are evaluated: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and oral production,” Rollin says. “Candidates only need a 50 per cent pass to receive their diploma. Because we want all our students to succeed, we offer preparation workshops that are specialized for each level and address each portion of the exam.”

Rollin adds that a website would soon be available to provide candidates with links to useful websites and practice exams.

Several students from a variety of levels and backgrounds gained the DELF/DALF diploma last year and found it to be a very useful and important qualification as it would give them a competitive edge and demonstrate to employers the full level of their French skills prior to an interview.

“There is honestly nothing to lose by taking it.”— S. Unruh, Level A2

“It is an added skill that future employers look for, knowing that I speak and write French.” — A. Mangaron, Level B2

“I am encouraging other students to attempt the exam not only as a benefit to their resumes, but as a personal accomplishment.” — L. Provencher, Level C2

For further information, contact the DELF Centre at


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