University of Calgary

March 25, 2013

The University of Calgary today announced a new International Strategy, a key step forward in our ambitious Eyes High strategic direction.

A key target of the strategy is increasing the number of international students on campus to 10 per cent of the undergraduate population and 25 per cent of the graduate population by 2016. Another target is creating opportunities for 50 per cent of all students to have an international experience as part of their program of studies.

This special edition of UToday explores how the International Strategy will impact university communities in the months and years ahead; what resources are available for students, faculty, and staff; and the transformative impact of international experiences on education and research.


University of Calgary set to become global intellectual hub
New International Strategy launched today.

Study Abroad 101: What you need to know
Things to consider before internationalizing a degree.

In profile: Talented American teen begins international journey in Calgary
First-year Schulich engineering student explores possibilities.

In profile: Personal connections key to international student’s experience
Social work PhD candidate connects with Canada while she’s far from China.

In profile: Researcher from Mexico opens dialogue with bilingual teachers in Calgary
Faculty of Education post-doc explores new ways to teach, learn math.

Centre for International Students and Study Abroad: Providing personal support
Agency acts as first line of contact for students.

University Calgary International: Forging connections
Team advises faculty, staff on relationships in other countries.

Q&A with two experts: Why it’s worth internationalizing an education
Exploring the benefits of ‘cross-cultural competence.’