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Six students sleeping outside raise awareness, along with $5,678.40

UToday HomeMarch 19, 2013

Student participants in 5 Days for the Homeless. Photo by Amy EaglesonStudent participants in 5 Days for the Homeless. Photo by Amy EaglesonSix University of Calgary students braved the cold by sleeping outside for five days and five nights to raise awareness for youth homelessness.

Donations gathered throughout the week — $5,678.40 — will be given to Avenue 15, a non-profit organization that provides homeless and runaway youth aged 12-17 with temporary shelter and basic needs.

“We want to take part in this growing campaign and give back to youth at risk,” says Esther Yu, Haskayne School of Business student. “As students, we understand the importance of community development and the positive impact we can make on those in need.”

Five Days for the Homeless is a charity campaign to raise money and awareness for youth homelessness. The students at the Alberta School of Business founded this initiative in 2005 with the hopes of giving back to the community while countering stereotypes of business students.

It is a five-day national campaign where a group of students live with no food, no shelter, and no income while raising money for a local charity that supports youth at risk. Everything must be donated to the participants and they must live their daily lives such as attending all classes and extra-curricular activities.

Secondary events including an opening ceremony, a closing ceremony, and handing out coffee for donations will take place to further raise money and awareness for the campaign. This is a campus-wide initiative, attracting both students and staff from all faculties.

Since 2005, 5 Days for the Homeless has raised over $900,000 across Canada and this year they are hoping to break the $1-million mark.

Avenue 15, along with providing temporary shelter for youth ages 12 – 17, provides a comprehensive support system to assist the youth in reuniting with their families or finding alternative living arrangements.


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