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June 9, 2009

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SolAbode taking shape
Students busy framing innovative eco-home for Solar Decathlon contest in Washington D.C.

Riding into the ancient world
Greek and Roman Studies PhD student brings expertise to Spruce Meadows. 

Students donate to library
Financial donation provided through student's library endowment fund ensures best resources and materials for undergrads.

Migration to Alberta: The impact on a province and a nation
U of C sociologist’s new book examines the redistribution of Canada’s population.

Scientists should look at their own carbon footprint
U of C researcher issues call to action for those studying climate change.

U of C’s homebase in Edmonton
Calgary Connection is the U of C’s office space in Edmonton with facilities available to faculty and staff.


National Post
May 27
Oil jobs can’t keep youth in Fort McMurray

For teens growing up in Alberta's biggest oil boomtown, the lure of life outside Fort McMurray is greater than the desire for quick cash in oilpatch jobs close to home.

This was not what Chris O'Connor, a University of Calgary PhD candidate, expected to find when he began researching how teenagers in Fort Mc-Murray navigate their career choices after high school.

“I expected a lot more young people to be like, 'I just want to get high school and then I want to go get a job,'" he said. "They were thinking well beyond just the oilpatch.”

The Globe & Mail
June 2
Top 20 Under 20 awards: researchers, entrepreneurs and activists

Carolina Romeo, 16, Calgary
She's a genius and a jock, entering the University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering at the age of 15 and playing ringette and field hockey at inter-university, provincial and national levels.

Carolina Romeo is also a juggler and polymath who coaches girls in both field hockey and ringette, and is so adept at decorating pastries she was named best student in her high school's commercial foods program.


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