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President Cannon to receive honorary doctorate from University of Ottawa

UToday HomeJune 5, 2013

President Elizabeth Cannon, seen here taking part in convocation ceremonies at the University of Calgary, will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa on Friday, June 7, 2013.President Elizabeth Cannon, seen here taking part in convocation ceremonies at the University of Calgary, will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa on Friday, June 7, 2013. Photo by Riley BrandtEach spring and fall, University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon stands before a gymnasium filled with black-robed graduates offering praise for their accomplishments.

But on June 7, Cannon will be the one receiving her degree as the University of Ottawa bestows an honorary doctorate for her research and leadership.

“She is a passionate advocate of higher education and its role in driving discovery, innovation and creativity, in solving the world’s greatest challenges, and in transforming talented young people into successful leaders,” says the University of Ottawa announcement of Cannon’s upcoming honorary doctorate.

Cannon joins a prestigious group being honoured by the University of Ottawa, including former Prime Minister Paul Martin, former Canadian Olympic Committee chairman Michael Chambers, actor Anne-Marie Cadieux, federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, pharmaceutical industry leader Andre Marcheterre, internationally renowned French heart surgeon Dr. Alain Carpentier, social cognitive theory psychologist Albert Bandura, and world-class French mathematician Michel Waldschmidt.

“I am very proud to be included among the University of Ottawa’s honorary degree recipients for promoting leadership at the University of Calgary,” said Cannon.

“Through our Eyes High strategic direction, the University of Calgary is committed to creating the next generation of leaders, researchers and innovators. We believe leadership is evident throughout our campus and we can foster it through educational excellence, by showing the way through ethical actions and inspiring others to be champions. This honorary doctorate affirms our work to inspire youth through education and experiential learning,” she said.

The University of Ottawa grants honorary doctorates for “substantial contributions” to the recipient’s profession or society. An honorary doctorate recognizes a recipient’s exceptional abilities gained through life learnings and experiences.

In addition to her efforts to promote leadership and the importance of post-secondary education as University of Calgary president, Cannon has also been selected for her expertise in geomatics engineering and GPS research.

Her leadership as the former dean of the Schulich School of Engineering, where she propelled the faculty to the top ranks of Canada’s engineering schools, is also receiving accolades.

Cannon’s commitment to encouraging young women to pursue careers in science by establishing programs such as Cybermentor, which matches teenage girls with female scientists and engineers for mentorship, has expanded opportunities for youth who might never have considered a career in such fields.

The honorary degree will be granted during a convocation ceremony for approximately 400 University of Ottawa engineering graduates at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on Friday.


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