University of Calgary

Mark your calendar: Barbecue goes ahead Tuesday; donations encouraged

UToday HomeJune 28, 2013

The University of Calgary continues to support flood disaster relief efforts in the City of Calgary. I am so proud of our community’s response to the flood, and our students, faculty and staff who continue to help where needed, both on and off-campus during the current state of emergency.
Our upcoming Stampede events are an opportunity to show our tremendous community spirit and our continued support for the broader community including the Calgary Stampede. We are proceeding with previously planned events, with the exception of Friday’s Stampede Stories: Public Lecture and Showcase at the Downtown Campus. We cancelled this event to support the City of Calgary's request to keep traffic to the downtown core to a minimum.

We will collect donations for the Canadian Red Cross Flood Relief Fund and our own campus community through the SU Campus Food Bank. Volunteers will be accepting cash and food donations at the President’s Stampede BBQ on July 2 and the Alumni Association Stampede BBQ on July 9.

Thank all of you for your patience, understanding and support in what has been such a difficult week for many in our community.

Elizabeth Cannon