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June 2, 2009

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Olympic connection
With little more than nine months to go before the Vancouver Winter Games, it’s time to look at the U of C’s many connections to high-performance sport and the legacy left from Calgary ’88.

$1.3M gift to engineering students
Texas engineer makes a personal gift to help engineering students in honour of his oil industry mentor—his father.

The Campus Fair buzz
Join in on the festivities of Campus Fair this Saturday. Alongside more than 8,000 people you can experience what has become an important U of C tradition.

On a roll with Commuter Challenge
Make your commute count as part of the U of C’s team in the competition this week.
UCQ partners with World Health Organization
UCQ works with the WHO to assist in developing a mental health strategy for Qatar.

Campus Connection

New staff orientation
The University of Calgary invites all new staff to the next Staff Orientation.


U of C faculty cultivates talent
The Calgary Herald, May 29

A search for the new dean of the faculty of environmental design (EVDS) is underway and the selection committee has selected three finalists who are now making public presentations. But interim dean Loraine Fowlow is not letting up in the pace of work she has kept since she took over the position two years ago from Brian Sinclair, even though her term is up next month.

Calgary students recognized for auto research
Canadian Driver, May 28

A team of student researchers from the University of Calgary has won first place in the AUTO21 Highly Qualified People Poster Competition, defeating more than 80 student teams from 28 Canadian universities. The winning team, led by Professor Jeff Caird and including Amanada Ohlhauser, Andrew Mayer, Shaunna Milloy, Aimee Pearson and Sebastian Siwiec, contributes to the Teen and Novice Driver project.

Alberta urged to take lead on carbon
The Calgary Herald, May 27

Canada and the U.S. are moving toward national cap-and-trade programs to cut global-warming industrial emissions. These programs have serious implications for Alberta’s energy industry, Bob Page, TransAlta professor of environmental management and sustainability in the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy, told an audience at the Calgary Petroleum Club.

Medical snail study underway in Kananaskis
CTV Calgary, May 26

A University of Calgary study hopes to find out whether snails hold the key to discovering the effect of water pollution on humans. A group of neuroscience students are collecting and examining snails in Kananaskis Country to determine how they are being affected by drugs like Prozac, also known as Fluoxidine.


> Contrasts – University of Calgary Chamber Music Festival

June 3
> Trigger Point Workshop
> Summer Opera Workshop auditions
> Contrasts – University of Calgary Chamber Music Festival

June 5
> New Developments in Autism Research

June 6
> Moving Forward in Autism: Innovation, Research and Living Joyfully
> Campus Fair

June 8-12
> Spring Convocation

June 13
> Runners’ Edge—Calgary’s Running Expo (Space limited; buy tix early)
> Aboriginal Graduation Banquet & Pow-Wow (purchase tix before June 5)