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June 16, 2009

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Pavement research for the long haul
Husky renews long-standing support for asphalt R&D at Schulich School of Engineering.
Honouring an orbiting astronaut
U of C to bestow Doctorate of Laws on alumnus & Canadian Space Agency veteran Bob Thirsk
U of C researcher named to UK Royal Society
U of C’s petroleum geologist Steve Larter has joined the likes of Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking.
Science PhD heads overseas to work with world's best
Lauren Mercier attends prestigious school in Japan for the summer.
Grad student recognized with provincial studentship
Social Work student Hongmei Tong has won the 2009 Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) Studentship.


The Globe & Mail
June 12
Arctic researchers leave ‘tremendous’ footprint

Few scientists have publicly raised the apparent contradictions between conducting research into the effect of climate change on the Arctic and what their own activities contribute to the problem.

But University of Calgary caribou researcher Ryan Brook has done just that, outlining his outsized emission tallies in the journal Arctic. By his calculations, he has been producing about 8,300 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year—or about the weight of three Hummers—over the past decade. He suspects the amount “is about average, if not on the low side” compared to other scientists in the North.

Edmonton Journal
June 13

Are Albertans in good hands or aren’t we, U of C expert asks
A leading health policy expert in Alberta says he's starting to get "mightily worried" about changes to the province's health system and an administration that appears to be “thinking by stealth.”

“There is a deep and growing internal sickness in our system and it's spreading and it has a sinister feeling,” said Tom Noseworthy, a former hospital administrator who now works at the University of Calgary. “What the heck is going on out there? There seems to be an awful lot of turmoil going on all of a sudden, a lot of chaos.”

National Post
June 15
Mentor delivers painful punch to Harper

The words are too deadly to be considered friendly fire, even if the writer was still running the Conservatives' election war room.

And if Tom Flanagan were still serving as Mr. Harper's chief of staff, his new assessment of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s post-election debacle would probably result in a firing by a boss who takes bad news badly.

The University of Calgary political scientist served in all of these roles to this Prime Minister, yet he's come to the startling conclusion his star student and political protege is battered, tattered and almost beyond repair.


June 18
AHFMR Presents Free Screening of Away From Her

June 20
Open House at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

June 25
> Lunch and Learn: Nurture By Nature Walks