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Plans for new residences for upper year undergrads

UToday HomeJune 11, 2013

The new facility will be located in the southwest quadrant of the main campus between the Norquay and Brewster residences.The new facility will be located in the southwest quadrant of the main campus between the Norquay and Brewster residences.Plans are underway for new residence building, intended for upper year undergrads in their third or fourth years. The aim is to have the residence ready for September 2015 move-in weekend.

“The new upper years undergrad residence is a great plan for both residence and the university,” says Dan Medland-Marchen, president of the Residence Students’ Association.

“Living in residence is a unique and amazing experience that the majority of students at the University of Calgary do not get to enjoy. Adding more residence buildings will allow far more opportunity for students to be involved in the unforgettable residence life.”

The new residence will be a nine-storey triangle situated in the southwest quadrant of the main campus between the Norquay and Brewster residences. It will house 268 students in two and three bedroom suites with private bathrooms and shared full kitchens.

Shared student facilities will include study lounges on every floor, academic lounges, multipurpose rooms and an event kitchen on the main floor. As with all residence buildings, residence life, mentoring and academic support programs will be available to students living in the residence.

“It is nice to have specific residence halls for specific years as it gives students the chance to live with others around their age and their specific time in their undergrad or graduate degrees. First years living with first years and graduates living with graduates, and every year in between, makes sense because as you progress through university you grow in so many ways, and want different things,” says Medland-Marchen.

“As of now, students who live in residence in their first year are guaranteed a spot within the second year building the following year. After these first two years, however, students are no longer guaranteed placement within the upper years residence halls. The construction of this new undergrad building would give more students the opportunity to continue to live on campus and be a part of the residence experience.”

When the new undergrad residence is opened, the Norquay, Brewster and Castle residences will be demolished and their sites will become green space. These wood structure buildings were opened for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. They are at the end of their life cycle so maintenance costs are rising, and more upgrades to them are not warranted.

Construction project teams will do all they can to minimize disruption to current residents (both campus and neighbours), such as minimizing noise during sleeping hours. During final exams, noisy construction work will be strictly curtailed. All measures will be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

As part of the University of Calgary’s Eye’s High Strategy, the university is committed to expanding its on-campus housing, recognizing the positive impact the residence experience has on student experience, academic performance and student retention.


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