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July 7, 2009

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The Thirsk degree
U of C to present alumnus Bob Thirsk with honorary degree this Wednesday via live satellite downlink from space station.

iS² Project weekly update
Update on Finances, Human Resources, Facilities and Spend Management, and Information Technologies.

Dinos swimmers lead Canada to first Universiade medal
Dinos head coach Mike Blondal says he doesn’t think any of them have swam that fast in their lives.

New research centre to unravel oil’s molecular makeup
For the first time, U of C scientists can peer deep into the molecular ‘heart’ of each drop of oil, using one of the most powerful magnets in North America.

Falcons taking flight
Three Falcon chicks will soon take their first flight and in the event of a crash landing, here are some tips on how you can help.


Guelph Mercury
July 2
Scholarships offered to kids of killed soldiers

Four Canadian universities are helping the children of soldiers killed in the line of duty to complete undergraduate degrees.

The Project Hero scholarships are being offered by Memorial University in Newfoundland, the University of Ottawa, the University of Windsor and the University of Calgary.
The scholarships will be available Sept. 1 and cover the cost of tuition for four academic years.

Ann Tierney, vice-provost at the University of Calgary, says it's a way of honouring those who are killed while serving their country.

The Globe and Mail
July 3
A stroke patient’s long road from healed to healer

Janel Nadeau was lazily watching TV with a friend on a warm summer's night when she got up to go to the bathroom.
As soon as the 19-year-old old stood, she collapsed to the ground. Her right side was paralyzed and, as she tried to speak, a nonsensical jumble of words tumbled out.
Today, she is Dr. Janel Nadeau, a 27-year-old intern and neurologist-in-training at Foothills Hospital, one with a particular affinity for the stroke unit.


July 7
8 a.m. EVDS Stampede Breakfast

July 16
Lunch and Learn: Nurture By Nature Walks. Register now.

July 29
U of C Day

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