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Haskayne announces largest academic hire in a decade

UToday HomeJuly 4, 2013

Haskayne welcomes new faculty members at its annual Stampede breakfast. Hailing from Harvard, Mississippi, Kansas, Georgia, Ohio, British Columbia and Ontario, the group got a taste of Calgary hospitality.Haskayne welcomes new faculty members at its annual Stampede breakfast. Hailing from Harvard, Mississippi, Kansas, Georgia, Ohio, British Columbia and Ontario, the group got a taste of Calgary hospitality.Haskayne School of Business is ramping up talent and expertise in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship with the recent appointments of three new directors and 10 new faculty members. The largest academic hire at the school for the last decade and an increase of 14 per cent, Haskayne is keeping its Eyes High by enhancing research and providing new learning opportunities for students.

“Calgary’s strength is its business community and amazing entrepreneurial spirit, so it’s important that we have a great business school in this city,” says Dean Jim Dewald. “The energy and expertise of our new hires will help us raise the bar so that we can be that business school. With our new hires, we are younger and more committed to leaping forward.”

“Our new faculty members increase our research capacity and intellectual capital,” adds Loren Falkenberg, associate dean (research). “They all come with proven research records as well as great teaching evaluations. It’s important for us as a school to continually rejuvenate – to bring in new ideas and new research – in order to stay on the cutting-edge of business research and teaching.”

The focus on leadership and entrepreneurship is driven by the school’s strategic plan and recent launches of donor-supported research centres.

Advanced leadership is a new focus for the Haskayne School of Business, spurred by changes in the industry and business demands to improve the quality of leadership. A hot group of researchers in the leadership field, a new director for Haskayne’s Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership, and a new director for executive education will contribute to the success of leadership through education and research, providing students with distinct leadership knowledge and skills.

With entrepreneurship core to the city of Calgary, Haskayne is re-energizing its focus in this area with a new director of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and new faculty to help shape future generations of entrepreneurial thinkers. According to the centre’s new director, Kim Neutens, “Knowing how to think like an entrepreneur is a critical skill for success. It involves creative, progressive thinking and an interest in continuous improvement, recognizing opportunities and knowing how to capitalize on them in real time. Honing this skill at Haskayne will ensure our graduates are effective, valuable and successful in their careers.”

The infusion of new talent and a renewed focus at the Haskayne School of Business supports the University of Calgary’s Eyes High strategy and goal to be one of Canada’s top five research universities by 2016.

About Haskayne’s new directors

  • Kim Neutens, director of Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, comes from Ontario where she was the director of MBA program services at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto for 10 years. She also previously worked at the University of British Columbia and York University.
  • Hugh Evans, director of Executive Education, comes from the UK where he was previously the vice-dean and director of corporate education at the globally renowned Henley Business School. While at Henley, Evans led the school into new international markets across Europe, Middle East and Asia with particular success in energy-dominant economies such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Jenny Krahn, director of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership, is an alumna of the University of Calgary, holding a BComm from Haskayne School of Business and a PhD in Project Management from the Schulich School of Engineering. Her areas of expertise are project /program management and leadership. She has extensive experience consulting to organizations developing company-wide project delivery systems and working with groups on team alignment, partnering, and conflict resolution.

About Haskayne’s new faculty

  • James Coleman comes from Harvard where he has been the Climenko Fellow and lecturer of law for the past two years, and was also the executive editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. His research examines how domestic energy and environmental law are transforming in response to globalization and dramatic shifts in energy markets.
  • Liena Kano recently completed her PhD at the University of Calgary, where she earned a SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship. Her research interests are diverse, ranging from family business to strategic governance.
  • Mohammad Keyhani comes from York University where he completed his PhD in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. His research interests are at the core of conventional entrepreneurship research and stretch to new approaches, such as decision-making, modeling and simulation, and co-operative game theory.
  • Jim Meurs is an accomplished assistant professor from the University of Mississippi. His research interests overlap significantly with the “above-ground” challenges of the energy industry. His expertise in political skill lends itself to a powerful connection with the challenges facing the Canadian energy and supply-chain industries.
  • Pablo Moran comes from the Sauder School at UBC where he just completed his PhD in Finance. His work is in the field of corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and private equity.
  • Tunde Ogunfowora is a Calgarian returning home after working in faculty positions in both Regina and at Brock University for the past three years. His research interest is in understanding why people make unethical decisions and engage in unethical behavior in the workplace.
  • Won Oh recently completed his PhD in Strategic Management at the University of Kansas. His research focuses on the effects of CEO/top management team and corporate governance on organizational outcomes.
  • Olga Petricevic completed her PhD in Strategic Management at Georgia State University. Her research interests are at the intersection of strategic management, technology and innovations, and international strategy.
  • Justin Weinhardt completed his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Ohio University. His research and expertise lie in the areas of multiple goal-setting and quantitative methods. •
  • Sharaz Khan holds a Master in Health Management Systems from Rush University, Chicago, IL and a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. His focus is on the alignment of business vision and objectives to strategic technology project implications.