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Beakerhead creature to crash campus

UToday HomeJuly 3, 2012

Beakerhead, an annual interactive movement that explodes with creativity and technology, is preparing for its 2013 debut by showcasing the possibilities when arts and engineering collide – in a big way.

Beakerhead is putting on a city-wide pop-up play, the first of its kind in Calgary. A number of large, mechanical creatures are making their way to Calgary, starting this morning.

The University of Calgary is proud to support Beakerhead and will be the destination for the inaugural visit of the play’s second creature, who will appear in the TFDL Quad at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 4. Students, faculty and guests are invited to attend to meet this intriguing creature, and be entertained by a spectacle of sight and sound.

As the ‘pop-up’ play continues to reveal itself over the course of the week, Calgary will witness an unprecedented performance of art meets engineering, unfolding on a city-wide stage.

The preview, called ‘Daisy’s Dilemma,’ will unfold at several venues throughout the city daily with a grand finale on July 8. The public sightings are free of charge and everyone is welcome. The appearance of these amazing mechanical creatures raises questions–Why are they visiting Calgary? How many others are there? Who are they looking for?

“This one could stump even the most experienced zoologists or engineers,” teases Jay Ingram, co-founder of Beakerhead and a well-known science broadcaster and writer. “Calgary attracts technology and engineering talent, but I don’t think anyone has seen this kind of engineering in Calgary before.”

For additional details regarding Beakerhead’s pop-up play sightings, follow the drama on Twitter @beakerhead, #BangOn and on Facebook.

Join us:
Wednesday, July 4, 10 a.m.
TFDL Quadrangle