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Law school among top 40 in the world

UToday HomeJuly 21, 2011

The new dean of the law school, Ian Holloway, says the rankings are good news.The new dean of the law school, Ian Holloway, says the rankings are good news. Photo by Dave BrownThe Faculty of Law has been ranked at 39 of 200 law schools around the world by the 2011 QS World University Rankings.

“The QS rankings came as happy news”, says Ian Holloway, the newly-appointed law school dean. “It reinforces what I have known for some time–Calgary’s law school enjoys tremendous stature not only in Canada, but around the world.”

The QS World University Rankings positions 200 universities by individual subject and bases their rankings on academic reputation, employer reputation and citations per paper. In 2011, 20 Canadian law schools were featured on the survey.

“Rankings in and of themselves do not make a good law school,” says Holloway. “Many of the things that contribute to a top-notch legal education are intangible, yet absolutely critical. To the extent that rankings reflect reality, then they are something to be celebrated.”

The QS Intelligence Unit was very open in sharing information about the methodology and criteria used in the ranking system.

In 2006, the university withdrew from a different ranking survey, the Maclean’s University Ratings, due to considerable reservations about the methodology and validity of some of the measurements used to record data.

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