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The iS² journey

UToday HomeJuly 21, 2011

By Doreen Delf

The countdown has begun.

As we approach August 2, 2011 many activities are taking place to ensure the successful transition to new processes and systems that will set the university on a path for future growth and success.

The Change Readiness survey that was conducted in May provided valuable information to assist the change team in making slight changes to further support our community. Based on the input from the survey participants, we’ve conducted additional information sessions, created toolkits and sent out additional communications.

The change leaders network continues to work closely with the change management team to assist in ensuring the right information is delivered to the right people within their faculties and units.

Communications have been sent to various groups describing the upcoming changes that affect specific roles. If you have missed anything – all communications are being archived on the iS² website: emails, posters, videos, and job aides.

Training is well underway–and will continue throughout July and August and well into the fall. Many of the courses are e-learning so you can access the training at a time that works best for you. In addition to e-learning courses there are instructor-led courses and expert-led training. Check the training website for upcoming dates and locations for “drop-in labs” if you would like help completing your first on-line timesheet in August.

User testing has been underway since June 27, 2011 and more than 167 people have volunteered and participated in testing the new and revised systems. There has been an overwhelming response to help test and we thank everyone for the time they invested and the valuable feedback they provided.

The iS² project team has just completed a “practice go-live” in preparation for the transition between July 29 and August 2, 2011. This has enabled the team to evaluate readiness, anticipate potential challenges and proactively develop solutions. As we approach August 2, 2011 and for several weeks following, please continue to visit the iS² website for updates.

A transition team—including multiple help desks–-has been established to answer questions and provide ongoing assistance through to the end of 2011.

Our iS² journey is coming to an end – but our journey together to create one university, one community, one vision continues.