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Feeding research

UToday HomeJuly 20, 2012

Thanks to US $60,000 in funding from the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), improving on breastfeeding practices and support systems for Qataris will be the subject of a research study by the University of Calgary – Qatar.

“I am extremely happy and honoured to receive the Undergraduate Research Experience Program funding for the second time in the past three years,” says Behi Nikaiin, primary faculty member. “This is a followup to a previous qualitative study also funded by QNRF. One of the findings of that study, repeatedly suggested by participants, was that both hospital sector and primary health care services should be actively providing support to mothers to improve the breastfeeding practices in Qatar.”

The goals of this study, ‘Exploring professional intervention and support for breastfeeding practices in the primary health care centers in Qatar,’ are to identify the breastfeeding support resources that are currently available and to explore the interventions that are most effective and culturally appropriate to promote and improve the breastfeeding practices.

“Breastfeeding support programs such as breastfeeding clinics and prenatal classes are not well developed in Qatar and public has very limited access to those resources. Lack of social and professional support has been suggested in other studies to be one of the main reasons mothers choose not to breastfeed,” Nikaiin says.

“I would like to thank QNRF and the State of Qatar for providing me with the opportunity to conduct another research project with the purpose of maternal/child health promotion here.”