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Health and safety first for the campus community

UToday HomeJuly 19, 2013

The University of Calgary’s revised Occupational Health and Safety Policy is now online.

“Our cross-campus team reviewed and refreshed this policy to ensure that we continue to have a solid foundation for health and safety at our university,” says Rae Ann Aldridge, executive director, Risk. “Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to this review.”

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy defines the roles and responsibilities for occupational health and safety within the university community. It also identifies accountability for establishing a system to facilitate the protection of the university community from accidents and hazards.

The University of Calgary is committed to developing and maintaining an occupational health and safety management system that meets or exceeds standards established by the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program (learn more). Stay in touch with the latest about Environment, Health and Safety.

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