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July 14, 2009

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What a swim
Dinos’ Peterson mines Gold on final day at Universiade pool.

iS² Project weekly update
Check the progress on all workstream activities.

Blogging from Bangladesh
Fresh from finishing her BComm degree at the Haskayne School of Business, Raksha Vasudevan is completing an internship in sustainable development in Bangladesh through AIESEC Canada. Follow her experiences on the Global Citizen blog on the Globe & Mail's Globe campus website.

Tiny but critical extinct animal examined at U of C conference
Ancient time teller useful to oil and gas industry, catalogues historic climate change.

Engineers from around the world gather in Calgary
Sustainable resource management is focus for international conference.


Popular Science
July 9

CAVEman 3-D Virtual Patient Is a Holodeck for the Human Body

What happens when you pop a pill? Inside the University of Calgary's $1.5-million virtual-reality room, scientists can don a pair of 3-D goggles and find out in high-definition detail.

Biochemist Christoph Sensen and his colleagues have created a virtual human dubbed the CAVEman (for Automated Virtual Environment) that lets them monitor how a virtual body metabolizes medicine.

The Canadian Press
July 8
Canadian astronaut accepts degree while floating 400 km above Earth

As astronaut Robert Thirsk accepted an honorary degree while orbiting the Earth on Wednesday, he was faced with a bit of a pesky problem.

The crimson and yellow convocation cape slipped on over his blue space jumpsuit kept drifting away as he tried to talk. Thirsk, 55, was connected by video link to an auditorium at the University of Calgary as he floated 400 kilometres above the Earth aboard the International Space Station.


July 16
Lunch and Learn: Nurture By Nature Walks. Register now.

July 25
Biogeoscience Institute Annual Open House at Barrier Lake Field Station

July 29
U of C Day

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