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Vet Med students hit the Cattle Trail to share knowledge

UToday HomeJuly 12, 2013

For the entire 10 days of the Stampede, some energetic Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students gave thousands of Stampede visitors a closeup look at the ins and outs of beef cattle.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) manned one of the displays along the Cattle Trail, located in the Agriculture Building on the grounds. The interactive tour leads visitors through the beef cattle industry’s entire production cycle — with stations focusing on the pasture, cow/calf production, herd management, genomics and genetics, auction marts, feedlots, transportation, and the butcher’s shop, recounting each chapter of the beef story.

The UCVM display offers the public a peek at the bovine stomach, various specimens, a variety of teaching videos and two bovine simulators — the calving and the pregnancy checking (aka cow butt) simulators. UCVM uses these anatomically correct models of cows to help teach students a vast number of clinical skills.

If you have a chance to mosey down the Cattle Trail this weekend, stop by the display and learn more about beef cattle. There’s plenty of interaction for both young and old alike.


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