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West Campus Plan

UToday HomeJanuary 31, 2013

In fall 2012, the West Campus Development Trust (WCDT) worked collaboratively with representatives from neighbouring communities, the University of Calgary Students’ Union and Graduate Students’ Association, and university representatives to develop preliminary concepts that will build on the vision of West Campus. The Stakeholder Working Group discussed key elements of the vision, including street layout, open space and amenity opportunities, and the potential mix of land uses and building types on the site.

The key criteria guiding the plan include:

  • Key gateways to West Campus such as at 32 Avenue and Collegiate Road and off Shaganappi Trail to increase accessibility;
  • A variety of housing choices and types;
  • Pedestrian and bicycle routes throughout the site as well as to and from the Bow River, across Shaganappi Trail, to Foothills hospital and Market Mall to increase sustainability;
  • Sensitive transition and lower massing in areas adjacent to existing residential development surrounding West Campus;
  • A focal point including a gathering place with programming opportunities and retail services;
  • A variety of open spaces/park spaces with a mix of sizes to incorporate recreational and programmed activities.

The WCDT looks forward to hearing thoughts and ideas from the campus community when they initiate broader public engagement in 2013. Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to see the development concepts at public meetings in late February or early March. Please watch for information about the date and location of meetings that will take place at the university.

The West Campus Development Trust expects 2013 will be a very exciting year as they move forward from vision to detailed plan for the West Campus lands.

Committed to operating with integrity and transparency, the WCDT plans to share information openly, seek input and learn from stakeholders. You can stay connected and seek opportunities to participate via the West Campus Development Trust Community Newsletter or by adding your name to the email list on their website.