University of Calgary

January 20, 2012


First ever nursing chair announced
Research chair will set children on path to better mental health.

New relief for dry eyes
Kinesiology research into knees creates a better eye lubricant.

Book of the year
Professor’s autoethnography/memoir named book of the year.


Jan. 12
Ottawa Sun
Cleaner communities more bowel problems: Researcher


» Joined at the Hip
» Professional Series: Here To Stay
» "Drawn Out Processes" workshop
» The School of Public Policy Campus Community event featuring Michael Adams
» What the Eyes Tell us about Bilingual Language Processing
» Greek and Roman Studies Department Seminar
» Green with Lawn Envy: Spatial Variation of Water Demand in Kelowa, British Columbia
» Philosophy Colloquium: Nicole Wyatt, "Saying and not Doing"

Jan. 21
» Professional Series: Here To Stay

Jan. 23
» Health & Social Services Career Fair
» Maria Schneider with Calgary Jazz Orchestra and U of C Jazz Ensemble

Jan. 24
» Special Announcement from Leonard Waverman - Big News for Business Education in Canada
» Alan Turing Centenary 2012: Alan Turing and the Decision Problem

Jan. 25
» Happening Festival of New Music and Media
» Career LIVEbrary
» Hire Me, Geography!
» ¡Ay, Carmela!
» Movies That Matter: Article 12

Jan. 26
» National Institutes for Health workshop
» CMD Speaker Series: Data Driven Graphics
» Science Works?!

Jan. 27
» Residence Fees due
» Fridays with the Faculty with Dr. J. Ari Pandes
» Lockdown Training
» The School of Public Policy Campus Community event featuring Chris Eagle
» Department of English Research Seminar Series
» One Thought Too Many: Love, Morality, and the Ordering of Commitment

Jan. 28
» Interdisciplinary Research Forum 2012

Jan. 30
» Securing Cybercourts: The Security Implications of Digital Justice
» Am I My Sister's and Brother's Keeper? The Ethics of Homelessness and Programs that Work

Jan. 31
» Homeless Shelter Residents: Who Are They and What Are Their Needs In a Time of Rapid Economic Growth
» Business Leadership, Risk-taking, and Entrepreneurship with Chief Clarence Louie

Feb. 1
» Postcolonial Research Group Public Event

Feb. 2
» WILL IT WRK 4U? - Creative Arts

Feb. 3
» Plutarch and the US Founding Fathers: What they learned from the classical world

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