University of Calgary

January 17, 2012


Society of Young Researchers
New undergraduate club fosters critical thinking across disciplines.

Children can learn multiple languages simultaneously
Research shows bilingual parents don’t have to choose which language to teach their children.

Campus Connection

Recognizing excellence in student leadership
Nominations open for 2012 President’s Award.

Dinos in Action

Get your tickets for women’s basketball
CIS Final 8 ticket packages now on sale.


Jan. 13
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Increasing in U.S., Europe

Jan. 11
The Vancouver Sun
Mercury pollution linked to Great Dying

Jan. 10
The Globe and Mail
Seeking pipeline common sense

Jan. 9
The Montreal Gazette
Economic impact: Think huge numbers


» Joined at the Hip
» KD Unboxed: What's wrong with relying on Kraft Dinner® as a Band-Aid® for inequity?
» Speed Date a Researcher

Jan. 18
» Joined at the Hip
» Deforestation, Foreign Demand and Export Dynamics in Indonesia
» Arctic Speaker Series Remote Sensing of Permafrost, Ground Ice and Glaciers: New Ways to Monitor a Changing Arctic
» Changes in Assemblages in Late Pleistocene Megafauna of Central Alberta: Implications for Extinction Hypotheses

Jan. 19
» Joined at the Hip
» Professional Series: Here To Stay
» North America: Global Energy Island
» Cover and Uncover: A Discussion with Ann Davis and Eric Cameron
» Canada-Brazil Relations: A New Harper Priority?

Jan. 20
» Joined at the Hip
» Professional Series: Here To Stay
» The School of Public Policy Campus Community event featuring Michael Adams
» Greek and Roman Studies Department Seminar

Jan. 21
» Professional Series: Here To Stay

Jan. 23
» Health & Social Services Fair
» Maria Schneider with Calgary Jazz Orchestra and U of C Jazz Ensemble

Jan. 24
» Special Announcement from Leonard Waverman - Big News for Business Education in Canada

Jan. 25
» Happening Festival of New Music and Media
» Movies That Matter: Article 12

Jan. 27
» Residence Fees due
» Fridays with the Faculty with Dr. J. Ari Pandes
» Lockdown Training
» The School of Public Policy Campus Community event featuring Chris Eagle
» Department of English Research Seminar Series

Jan. 28
» Interdisciplinary Research Forum 2012

Jan. 30
» Securing Cybercourts: The Security Implications of Digital Justice
» Am I My Sister's and Brother's Keeper? The Ethics of Homelessness and Programs that Work

Jan. 31
» Homeless Shelter Residents: Who Are They and What Are Their Needs In a Time of Rapid Economic Growth
» Business Leadership, Risk-taking, and Entrepreneurship with Chief Clarence Louie

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