University of Calgary

January 13, 2012


Invaluable undergraduate research opportunity
PURE funds an academic passion.

Speed date a researcher
Students invited to meet researchers who span the spectrum of obesity research.

Leadership comes in many forms
Connecting with the campus community and conducting important research too.


Jan. 7
The Asian Age
Mercury linked to extinction


» Guys & Dolls
» Vicissitudes of a SSHRCC Grant: Turgenev as Translator III
» Pain, Piety and Pregnancy: The experience of the Patient in Antiquity

Jan. 14
» Guys & Dolls
» iPhone Movie Making: NUTV presents a free workshop
» The Literary Liszt

Jan. 15
» Guys & Dolls

Jan. 16
» Joined at the Hip
» Architectural History and the Modern Hospital

Jan. 17
» Joined at the Hip
» KD Unboxed: What's wrong with relying on Kraft Dinner® as a Band-Aid® for inequity?

Jan. 18
» Joined at the Hip
» Deforestation, Foreign Demand and Export Dynamics in Indonesia
» Arctic Speaker Series Remote Sensing of Permafrost, Ground Ice and Glaciers: New Ways to Monitor a Changing Arctic
» Changes in Assemblages in Late Pleistocene Megafauna of Central Alberta: Implications for Extinction Hypotheses

Jan. 19
» Joined at the Hip
» Professional Series: Here To Stay
» North America: Global Energy Island
» Cover and Uncover: A Discussion with Ann Davis and Eric Cameron
» Canada-Brazil Relations: A New Harper Priority?

Jan. 20
» Joined at the Hip
» Professional Series: Here To Stay
» Greek and Roman Studies Department Seminar

Jan. 21
» Professional Series: Here To Stay

Jan. 23
» Health & Social Services Fair
» Maria Schneider with Calgary Jazz Orchestra and U of C Jazz Ensemble

Jan. 24
» Special Announcement - Big News for Business Education in Canada

Jan. 25
» Happening Festival of New Music and Media
» Movies That Matter: Article 12

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