University of Calgary

Canadian Citizenship ceremony

February 1, 2011

U of C hosts new Canadians

Chancellor Jim Dinning shakes hand of new Canadian citizen during Canadian Citizenship ceremony held at the Dining Centre.Chancellor Jim Dinning shakes hands with new Canadian citizens during Canadian Citizenship ceremony held on campus.Chancellor Jim Dinning hosted and welcomed 99 proud new citizens from 31 counties at the Canadian Citizenship ceremony on Friday, Jan. 28 at the Dining Centre. This important event is the formal welcome to new citizens who joined the Canadian family.

Judge Joan May Way presided over the ceremony where the new Canadians were sworn in. Mr. Rob Anders, MP for Calgary West and Mr. Harry Chase, MLA for Calgary Varsity, joined the celebration and offered congratulations to the recipients.

For many individuals and families, the citizenship ceremony is the realization of a dream. In some instances, it marks the beginning of a new life.

In his remarks Chancellor Jim Dinning stated that, “the University of Calgary embraces diversity. Our university community includes students, staff and faculty from around the world whose backgrounds and experiences enrich our campus.”

Following are quotes from a few of the attendees with special connection to the University of Calgary:

For Benjamin Dowson, a student at the U of C, “deciding to become a Canadian citizen was a choice that I knew would change my life for the better. I am fully aware of and accept the rights and responsibilities that come with being a citizen, and it definitely gives my International Relations degree more context and relevance in my own life.”

Canadian Citizenship ceremony welcomed 99 new citizens from 31 countries on Friday, Jan. 28.The ceremony welcomed 99 new citizens from 31 countries on Friday, Jan. 28.“It is amazing to realize that I am a Canadian citizen. I am a law professor at the University of Calgary, and it was especially moving to participate in a ceremony here on campus and to include my students in this process. I am happy to call Canada my home, and I will remember this important day for the rest of my life.” - Maureen Duffy, Assistant Professor.

"I think the event and perhaps the venue made it all very nostalgic for me. I was there in the same campus as a student nine years ago, working towards my Master of Science and PhD in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  I came to Canada with a lot of hopes and aspirations to make a good career for myself and give my family back home in India a nice safety net. I was filled with mixed emotions today as I received the citizenship certificate; a sense of satisfaction that there is a bit of stability and progress for all the days of hard work that's gone in; and a bit of sadness to feel uprooted from what was home to me as a child.  All in all, I feel positive towards making Canada my home and hope to provide my family with the best opportunities and contribute towards their well being." - Dr. Brinda Kadaba, Research Scientist, Smart Technologies ULC.

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