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Feb. 3, 2009

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Canada a world leader in high blood pressure treatment
A new study shows that fewer Canadians with high blood pressure are dying and being hospitalized.

New course and lecture series celebrates Darwin’s life work
The U of C hosts a series of lectures addressing Charles Darwin’s ideas and their wide and ongoing influence in celebration of the 150th anniversary of his revolutionary work.

Today: Provincial health care regulation findings
The range of options for provincial regulation of private funding and private insurance for health services under the Canada Health Act (CHA) is much wider than conventionally thought.


In the News

What does memory look like?
Swerve magazine writer Eric Froese speaks with U of C researcher Michael Colicos to learn about how memories are made.


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Until Feb. 14
Erase the Waste 200g Challenge
12 p.m. Tolerance and “Fanaticism”
12:15 p.m. Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks
4 p.m. The Canada Health "Act": Alberta's Regulation of Private Health Funding and Insurance in Cross-Provincial Perspective
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Feb. 4
- Urban Alliance - Unleash the Power
- Big Rock Lecture: Sex on Six Legs
Feb. 5
Black-Hole Risks: Is It Time to Think About Regulating Science?
Feb. 6
Improv Night: U of C's Very Own Whos' Line Is It Anyway?
Feb. 9
From HIV/Aids to Chronic Diseases : a 25 year Survey and Prospect with 2008 Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Luc Montagnier
Feb. 18-20
Growing Home: Housing and Homelessness in Canada conference