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Feb. 27, 2009

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New student residence will break ground this spring
Construction of 596-bed building will expand housing options for U of C undergrads.

Looking at proteins frame by frame
U of C scientists wins prestigious NSERC Steacie fellowship.

Dinos tame Lions, headed to semi-final
For the eighth straight year the University of Calgary Dinos will compete for a medal at the CIS Women’s Volleyball Championship.

Business minded students ready to ACE competition
Students who practise and teach others the principles and values of entrepreneurship will be judged by respected local business leaders at the 2009 ACE Expositions.

Political elites to wield more power
John Higley, a professor of government and sociology, visits the U of C today as part of the Department of Political Science’s speaker series.

This month in Research in Action Online:
Implantable biosensor for diabetics’ glucose monitoring; newspaper reporting may keep homeless issue status quo; and new research network aims to reduce carbon emission.


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Today (see all today's events)
9:30 a.m. Visiting Artist Talk: Rebecca Belmore
12 p.m. Parkland Instutute Info Session
12 p.m. Elite Theory and Analysis in Political Sociology
4 p.m. The Cartoceto Bronzes. From Enigma to Orthodoxy

Feb. 28
> CIS Wrestling Champsionships
> Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Open House

March 2
> Representing Refugees ‘Down Under’
> Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits

March 3, 4 & 5
Admissions Information Evenings for Parents and Students


Today @ 7 p.m. ACAC Semifinal:
Women Dinos vs MacEwan College