University of Calgary

Erase the Waste

Feb. 10, 2009

Learn how to Erase the Waste

Reducing waste, cutting costs and buying green can go hand in hand. As part of the Erase the Waste campaign, the Office of Sustainability is offering free 50-minute interactive workshops that provide practical steps to making a difference on campus and beyond.Tailored for U of C staff and faculty, participants will learn how to save both resources and money by:

Achieving environmental and financial savings for their faculty or business unit through reduced paper use.

  • Purchasing green office supplies (included: Grand and Toy walk-through and a small gift from Xerox).
  • Increase recycling of paper, e-waste, furnishings etc. (learn about U of C’s many waste streams).
  • Reducing one’s individual environmental footprint.
  • Finding resources and sharing them with other departments and organizations.
  • Getting involved in sustainability initiatives on campus

"Returning from an event at University of British Colombia left me amazed at how much that university has achieved over the last decade. It got me wondering what we are doing here", says Constance Friesen, a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Communication and Culture. "Then I saw the workshop announcement and I realized that U of C too has joined the fight. And I am excited at what the future holds for us."

Workshops are being offered until Feb. 20 so book one for your business unit, department or faculty today at

Erase the Waste: If everyone on campus reduced their waste by just 200 grams a week, the amount of waste sent to the landfill every week would be reduced by the size of a large elephant. 200 grams equals about six apple cores, or eight paper coffee cups, or 45 sheets of paper.text