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Red and Gold Gyms receive make-over

UToday HomeDecember 7, 2012

By Don McSwiney

Red and Gold Gyms
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of writing a final exam in the Red or Gold Gyms, you’re well aware that they aren’t the most pleasant places on campus. That’s one of the reasons why the venerable gyms are receiving a facelift.

“Students are going to notice some dramatic changes to the gyms,” says the new Dean of Kinesiology, Penny Werthner. “Not much work is being done to the structure of the gym, but the exterior walls are being renovated to incorporate giant windows and the heating and cooling systems are going to be replaced with modern equipment.”

The net result will bring the gyms – which were opened in March of 1962 – into the modern age.  The new windows will create a light and airy feeling to the interior, which will also be refurbished.  An interior wall will be pushed back to accommodate extra storage, necessary for future Kinesiology renovation plans.

The work is slated to begin early in 2013 and should be completed by the fall. Since most of the work is being done on the exterior, users shouldn’t really be impacted until August when the new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is tied into the building.

The $4 million project work is being done now to take advantage of funding available through the Alberta Government’s Capital Renewal Fund.