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Nursing Students Association of Qatar

December 7, 2010

UCQ students have a new voice

By John Gulka

Photo courtesy of John GulkaFrom left to right: Afrah Mossa Ali, Aisha Babukhan, Areej Abu Joundi, Shyma Nouh, Muna Bob-Ume, Sailanie Caleja and Yassmin Hussein. Photo credit: John GulkaThe Nursing Students Association of Qatar (NSAQ) was recently launched at a University of Calgary—Qatar (UCQ) special luncheon.

“The nursing students association will help and support the students in developing themselves in personal, educational and professional aspects,” NSAQ president Muna Bob-Ume told students, faculty and staff at the event. “The association will provide peer support and other resources to enable nursing students to transition from being students to becoming renowned professional nurses.”

The idea of an association came from Afrah Moosa Ali, a recent graduate of UCQ who learned of a similar association representing students at the parent campus in Canada.

“The University of Calgary—Qatar supported me in making this dream come true,” says Ali. “Our education at UCQ will result in lots of accomplishments and improvements in the health service to Qatar. This will be through having highly skilled professional leaders in nursing. One of these accomplishments is having a nursing association with leaders who can enrich the lives of students both socially and academically.”

Bob-Ume adds the UCQ students “are developing significantly in learning, creativity, critical thinking and professionalism. It is important that we students recognize how significant we are in the health care system. We are the next generation, the challengers, the evolutionists of the next stage in the ever developing nursing profession in the State of Qatar.”

Dean and CEO Dr. Carolyn Byrne congratulated the students on the establishment of their association. “I wish you well and look forward to working with you to make your learning experience at UCQ even more meaningful. This is a professional association and it will be part of building the nursing leadership in this nation.”

The event also recognized the winner of a logo competition amongst the students for NSAQ. The winner, Shyma Nouh, was awarded an Apple iPad.

Along with Bob-Ume, the NASQ executive members include, Aisha Babukhan, Yassmin Hussein, Areej Joundi and Sailanie Caleja.

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