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Postsecondary students and the polls

UToday HomeDecember 14, 2012

Alberta’s Legislature will finish its scheduled business with the third and final reading of the Election Accountability Amendment Act, or Bill 7. The bill makes several changes to how Alberta's elections are run and includes a change to allow postsecondary students to cast their ballot either in the community where they study or where they lived prior to going to school.

“This is going to make voting much easier for students in the next election,” says Raphael Jacob, vice president external, University of Calgary Studentsʼ Union and chair of the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS).

“Past elections saw too many students turned away from the polls when they turned up to vote where they lived while going to school. This is going to fix that, and I hope we see even more students turn out to vote in the next election as a result,” says Jacob.

“We were pleased that Minister Jonathan Denis addressed our concerns and took our recommendation in this legislation,” says Duncan Wojtaszek, CAUS executive director.

“We have been working towards this change since the 2008 election and it is great to see our recommendation be put into law,” says Wojtaszek.