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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals

UToday HomeDecember 14, 2012

University of Calgary Chancellor Jim Dinning received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. Photo courtesy of the Government of AlbertaUniversity of Calgary Chancellor Jim Dinning received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. Photo courtesy of the Government of AlbertaChancellor Jim Dinning says his 11 years in public office was about making a difference, not winning accolades.

“At the time, you are rewarded by your quiet pride in your accomplishments,” said Dinning, who served in several cabinet positions in the Don Getty and Ralph Klein governments including as education minister.

But after a lifetime of public service, Dinning has joined a growing number of university faculty, staff, board members and alumni to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

Rewarding individuals who are actively working to improve their communities is the main goal behind the formation of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. This year, 60,000 Canadians will receive the award commemorating Her Majesty the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

University of Calgary creative writing and Canadian literature professor Aritha van Herk was recognized alongside Dinning in the Nov. 30th Diamond Jubilee medal ceremony.

University of Calgary Professor Aritha van Herk received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. Photo by Riley BrandtUniversity of Calgary Professor Aritha van Herk received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. Photo by Riley BrandtThe well-known author was proud to have been recognized for her work as a writer, teacher and public supporter of the arts and culture.

“It's a beautiful, inclusive ceremony, and yet it was very Albertan in its own distinctive way,” van Herk said afterwards.

As Dinning received his Diamond Jubilee medal on the same day as van Herk, he couldn’t help thinking of his family’s longstanding commitment to public service.

“It’s something in our blood,” said Dinning, whose great-grandfather, grandfather, brother, wife and children have all either run for public office, sat on provincial boards or helped volunteer with the Calgary Stampede.

“I love it. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping the community,” Dinning said.

The ever-increasing number of Jubilee medal recipients with strong ties to the University of Calgary demonstrates the depth of service and leadership generated by our campus community.

For van Herk, mingling with such a diverse group of individuals working to improve society was inspiring.

“The ceremony was a reminder ­— again — of the many outstanding people who are talented and committed to community, who do so much for this province and this city.  It is humbling to be included among them,” van Herk said.


The University of Calgary’s growing list of Diamond Jubilee medal honourees includes:

Graham Abela, Faculty of Education
Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio
, Faculty of Medicine
Susan Ashton, alumna
Stephen Bach, alumnus
David Bercuson, Faculty of Arts
Leah Callahan, alumna
Elizabeth Cannon, President
Sharon Carry, alumna
Gemma Collins, alumna
Andrew Constantinidis, alumnus
Amelia Crowshoe, alumna
Zaheed Damani, current student faculty of medicine and alumnus
Jim Dinning, Chancellor
Elvin Dorscher, alumnus
Gerald Downey, Schulich School of Engineering
Bob Ellard, Vice-President (Facilities Management and Development)
Shane Esau, alumnus
Sheri Ewing, alumna
Dawn Farrell, alumna
Ryan Flavelle, alumnus
Sean Fletcher, Faculty of Science
Wendy Francis, alumna
Vance Peter John Gough, alumnus
Rofina Groebmair, Faculty of Arts
Dr. David Hanley, Faculty of Medicine
Lorne Hanson, alumnus
Derek Hassay, Haskayne School of Business
Kuldip Hayer, alumnus
Yvonne Hebert, Faculty of Education
Dale Henwood, alumnus
Aritha van Herk, Faculty of Arts
Sandra Hirst, Faculty of Nursing
Ian Holloway, Dean Faculty of Law
Mark Hopkins, alumnus
Dave Hubert, alumnus
Devin Jay Iversen, alumnus
Al Judson, alumnus
Dr. Merril Knudtson, Faculty of Medicine
David Kotowski, alumnus
Steven Ladd, alumnus
Marilyn Laureen Lind, alumna
Laura Lucier, alumna
Mishka Lysack, Faculty of Social Work
Rupinder Mangat, alumnus
Dru Marshall, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Bill McAuley, Faculty of Arts
Michael McKillop, alumnus
Jack Mintz, School of Public Policy
Dr. Robert Myers, Faculty of Medicine
Alyx Nanji
, alumnus
Dr. Tom Noseworthy, Faculty of Medicine
Robert Page
, Haskayne School of Business
Ryan Palmer
, alumnus
Debi Perry, alumna
Roger Pilkington, alumnus
George Roger Pilkington, alumnus
Marie Rajic, alumna
Sandra Reilly, Faculty of Nursing
Ashif Samnani, alumnus
Mike Shaikh, Board of Governors, alumnus
Yogesh Sharma, alumnus
Barb Shellian, Faculty of Nursing
Fred Stenson, alumnus
Murray Stooke, alumnus
Dr. Garnette Sutherland, Faculty of Medicine
Michael Tims, alumnus
Ardene Vollman, Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Samuel Weiss, Faculty of Medicine
Christopher Wiseman, Faculty of Arts
Lorraine Wright, Faculty of Nursing

Help us celebrate the amazing contributions of our University of Calgary community. If you know of an alumni, faculty or staff member who has received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and is not included in this list, please contact us at