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Winter term 2013 course readings and copyright compliance

UToday HomeDecember 12, 2012

Since opting out of the Access Copyright Model Licence, the University of Calgary has implemented systems to manage our university’s copyright needs.

The Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) Copyright Office will work closely with you ― instructors and faculty administrative staff ― to check the copyright status of every third party document (aside from required text books) used in your courses. All that is needed from you is your course reading list so the LCR Copyright Office can do the work seamlessly behind the scenes.

Please send your course reading lists (except for required textbooks) for winter term 2013 as soon as possible to the LCR Copyright Office ( Then the necessary steps can be taken to ensure copyright clearance before classes start in January.

At this time, procedures have not changed for obtaining print course packs required from the University Bookstore. Please fill out a photocopy log with the complete citation and bring with hard copies to Custom Materials at the University Bookstore or to Bound and Copied at the Students’ Union.

Eventually all readings will be submitted directly to Ares, our copyright management software. We were hoping to have Ares up and running for January 1, but we are not quite ready. The Copyright Committee of the University of Calgary thanks you for your continued patience and support. The university has managed our own copyright permissions for one term, and we have found an improvement for students, faculty and staff in time and cost savings.


Dru Marshall
Provost and Vice-President (Academic)