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December 10, 2010

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Students' video demonstrates effective learning
Students model what it means to be an effective learner.
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Exposure to death and dying can have a positive impact
U of C research on exposure to death was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

A familiar face is at the helm of Alberta Health Services
UCalgary Medicine alum, Dr. Chris Eagle, was appointed acting CEO of Alberta Health Services.

Green Scene

TRW Wins Power OFF Challenge
The Teaching Research and Wellness building reduced their energy consumption by 9.5 percent, followed by Global Village with 6.6 percent. Administration had the best individual week performance with a 17.6 percent reduction during the final week.


Dec. 8
24 Hours
Digital gym class: Study shows gaming improves students’ balancing skills

Dec. 8
New cameras spy avalanches in the making

Dec. 7
NY Daily News
Botox anti wrinkle injections may cause muscle loss, new study shows; 

Dec. 2
Alberta Prime Time
Preparing for the seniors boom

Dec. 1
Shadowing GPs exposes students to family medicine: University of Calgary hopes hands-on experience will boost interest in the field

Dec. 1
The Calgary Herald
U of C student on quest to help bobsledding safety: Project follows athlete's death at Olympics

Nov. 29
The New York Times
Mammal growth spurt after dinosaurs died

Nov. 18
Ms. President: Why aren’t there more of you at Canadian universities?



> 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign–A Thought of the Day
> Lecture: Trent University President Steven Franklin
> Open house: Multi-Faith Chaplains' Centre
> Lecture: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Dec. 7 - 11
> Theatre: Perfect Pie

Dec. 11 - 19
> Ballet: The Nutcracker

Dec. 11
> Concert: Heroes and Villains

Dec. 12
> Concert: A Child's Carol

Dec. 13
> Calgary History of Medicine Society Event

Dec. 18
> Concert: Ice, Stories of Music of the Arctic

Dec. 19
> Concert: Festivo and Exultation with Daniel Fung

Dec. 20
> Slideshow: Explore Canada's West Coast by Kayak

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