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President Elizabeth Cannon standing for reappointment

UToday HomeAugust 30, 2013

Elizabeth Cannon, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Calgary.Elizabeth Cannon, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Calgary.I am writing to share significant news with the University of Calgary community regarding President Elizabeth Cannon.

Elizabeth has advised the Board of Governors that she wishes to seek a second term as president. The board will follow the university’s reappointment process as outlined in the Presidential Review Committee Terms of Reference, which were approved by the board in 1992. The results of the process will be communicated no later than June 30, 2014. 

This is a very important process and the university community will be consulted and kept informed of progress over the coming months.

The Presidential Review Committee is an advisory committee of the Board of Governors, established periodically to review the performance of the president and make a recommendation to the board regarding reappointment. The committee’s composition, outlined in the Terms of Reference, is as follows:

  • Board chair (committee chair)
  • Board vice-chair (committee vice-chair)
  • Chancellor
  • One member of the board, selected by the executive committee of the board
  • One member of the Presidential Advisory Search Committee which recommended the appointment of the president, selected by the board chair
  • Two representatives of General Faculties Council, elected by the council 
  • One member of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association
  • One student, appointed jointly by the Students' Union and the Graduate Students' Association 
  • Secretary to the Board of Governors (non-voting committee officer)

The committee will begin its work this fall, including consulting with and seeking broad input from the campus community and the external community. After the committee meets, we will share further details on next steps in the process. 

The full Terms of Reference of the committee can be found on the Secretariat website at Names of committee members will be added to the website when committee membership is confirmed.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Susan Belcher, University Secretary,


Bonnie DuPont
Chair, Board of Governors

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