University of Calgary

Decision on Access Copyright

UToday HomeAugust 28, 2012

The university’s Copyright Committee would like to inform you the University of Calgary will not be entering into the model licence agreement with Access Copyright. The committee firmly believes this decision is in the best interest of all members of our university community―students, faculty and staff―and is the optimal position for the University of Calgary now and into the future.

The University of Calgary is committed to providing our university community with the resources it needs to easily and legally access learning and research material. As shared previously with you, we have established the Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) Copyright Office and provided that team with the resources they need to implement the proper processes and policies to ensure compliance with the Copyright Act. Our model for obtaining copyright permissions in-house has been demonstrated to be successful, and is pragmatic and sustainable.

We continue to need your help and feedback as we further develop our one-stop-shop for copyright permissions. We encourage you to take advantage of the training offered by the LCR Copyright Office. As well, you will be invited to participate in the formal consultation and approvals process for the university’s draft Copyright Policy.

The journey to this final decision about Access Copyright has not been an easy one for the university community. Your thoughtful contributions to the ongoing dialogue about this critical subject have been extremely valuable and supportive to the Copyright Committee―thank you! Please email your comments at any time to

Dru Marshall
Provost and Vice-President (Academic)