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August 2, 2011

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Saving the sage-grouse
Collaborative project will bring 220 grouse from Montana to Alberta.

Clues to life ‘out there’
Researcher leads Mars science mission on Earth.

Bridging the gap between technology and health care
Nursing student helping test new ways of delivering medication.


July 28
Fast Forward Weekly
Vancouver can teach us a lot

July 28
Times Colonist
Sinking deeper into a quagmire in Libya

July 27
Globe and Mail
Under fire over emissions, Alberta banks on unproven coal gasification

July 27
Edmonton Journal
Mar leads Tory leadership race

July 27
DND-leased cargo ship sails empty most of time, costing millions: documents



Aug. 8 to Aug. 31
> Sculpture and Quilts by Greg and Lynn Robb

Sept. 30
> UC Idol
> Markin USRP Research Symposium

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