University of Calgary

August 15, 2012


Improving wastewater treatment
Building infrastructure for Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets is underway.

The Founders’ Gallery at The Military Museums of Calgary
University of Calgary’s new role in programming.

New patients needed for family medicine clinic
Downtown and Sunridge clinics seeking as many as 8,000 additional patients.

Campus Connection

University Secretary appointed
Announcement from the President to the university community.

Copyright and the University of Calgary
Update from the Provost to the university community.

New MaPS executive committee
Revitalizing this staff group through involvement and leadership.


Aug. 10
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Wanted: 8,000 Calgarians in search of a family doctor

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Outdoor Canada
What you need to know about rock snot

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Calgary Herald
Why the ring road will make traffic worse, and more expert insight on traffic congestion

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The how and why of leisure

Aug. 7
Canadian Health Reference Guide
CMA recognizes young physician leaders