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Encourage students to apply

UToday HomeApril 9, 2012

Applications for fall/winter undergraduate research funding are being accepted until Sept. 15.

Students are being encouraged to apply for funding through the Markin Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP) in Health and Wellness and the Graeme Bell USRP Travel Award program.

Since 2002, the Markin USRP has provided undergraduate students the unique opportunity to work alongside leading university researchers early in their post-secondary education. The primary goal of the program is to enrich and enhance the undergraduate experience at the University of Calgary. Learn more about the application process and become a faculty mentor.

Graeme Bell USRP Travel Awards are available for students who have conducted health and wellness research through any funding program or via coursework, and who would like to present their research at a conference. Travel can be provincial, national or international.

Applications forms for both programs are now available.